Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moroccan Lentil Stew

I've been in a Moroccan state of mind recently. My blog picture up top is now a bowl of chickpea tagine. I've been looking at all my Moroccan picture books and recipe books and visiting my favorite lifestyle blog My Marrakesh several times a day, just to stare and stare at beautiful photographs and yes, to dream. One day I will make a trip to this beautiful, exotic desert paradise to soak up the local culture and lounge in beautiful courtyards while drinking mint tea. Hopefully I'll get the chance to stay at this luxurious guest house.

I made this Moroccan inspired lentil stew for dinner tonight. What could be better than coming home from a long day at work and getting to eat a warm and comforting bowl of this stew? I added some authentic Moroccan spice to my stew: ras el hanout which means "head of the shop". Its a blend of many spices and to be honest I'm not sure what spices are in the blend that I bought! I also wanted to use the homemade harissa I made on Sunday. I took a photo of the stew but I haven't eaten yet. I will wait until I come home from work. Hope everyone has a great day.

Looking forward to a bowl of this with a dollop of harissa on top.
Recipe here.


Eric said...

I love that Moroccan lentil stew from Olive Trees & Honey.

I made that for Thanksgiving this year and it was such a hit.

kmouse said...

I'll have to try that recipe from OT&H. I love that book so hard.

Lebkuchen said...

I dream of Morocco all the time, too! :) I'm hoping to make a trip there next year for my 10-year wedding anniversary...it may just be a dream, but it's fun to think about anyway! I love Moroccan food, the flavors, the colors, everything...it's so romantic and sensual.

I also wanted to say - I'm a longtime reader of your blog, and I just love everything about it - the food you make, your photography, and your attitude about life and food! Keep up the good work!

kmouse said...

Aw thanks! I appreciate the compliments. :)