Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dogs, Beer and Baseball.

Watched a great game today (Dodgers vs. Tigers) while enjoying my dogs and beer. It got really nervewracking in the 9th but we pulled through! Go Blue! I made Lightlife Smart Dogs which are the same kind they use at Dodger stadium. All vegan and fat free to boot!

Washed it all down with a cold brew. Chili Beer is a spicy beer with a real chili inside! I love this beer though I've heard not many people like it. Guess it's an acquired taste.


veghunter said...

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dsharp88 said...

Chili Beer???

No, just... no. I can't picture that being good.

Stan Schubridge said...

Nothing wrong with chili beer. Especially when you are enjoying it with some hot dogs. Put chili and cheese on a dog and the chili beer is quite refreshing when you wash it down.

HayMarket8 said...

They have veggie dogs at the stadium?! cool!

Aral said...

Happened upon your blog and I like it. I really want to try chili beer. Sometimes I drink micheladas which is beer, lime and hot sauce. I will be looking out for this beer!