Friday, December 19, 2008

Pizza Pie!

Seems like there's an italian theme going on here with pizza casserole and spaghetti in the past few days. It's pizza nite tonight. I wanted to use a ready made pizza dough* that I had languishing in the freezer for the past week or so. I also had a Tofurky sausage to use up so I made this yummy pizza. It also has lightly sauteed onions, squash, red peppers and black olives. I cut some thin slices of the pepper jack "uncheese" that I made a while ago and added them to the pizza. It melted quite nicely to a gooey-liquid consistency which reminded me a lot of Follow Your Heart soy cheese. Next time I will forgo the sausage and just overload it with veggies as that's more my style even before I went veg.

A perfect slice with all the colors of the italian flag.

*you can get a lump of pizza dough at Trader Joe's for a buck and some change.


Lovliebutterfly said...

Ooohh! Yum! I can eat pizza just anytime, any days!

aTxVegn said...

That pizza looks fantastic!