Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mushroom Curry, Farmstand Grapes and Molasses Raisin Bread Gone Wrong

Last night's supper. Mushroom, Chickpea, Potato Curry made creamy with the addition of soymilk in the sauce. 'Twas Good!

Check out these babies! My mom got them from a friend of hers that visited a farm. Here she is holding them up to be photographed. They are so sweet and most perfect.

This is Vegan Planet's Molasses Raisin Bread which didn't turn out that well for me. My oven was way too hot and I overcooked the poor thing! It was not very moist at all and while it looked beautiful and didn't taste too bad, I was still disappointed. Note to self: Get an oven thermometer!

Inside shot. There is cornmeal in the recipe as well which added a crunch I did not want.

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