Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I spent under $100 for Thanksgiving.

With such high prices for groceries these days I was surprised that I didn't break the bank getting everything I needed for a glorious feast on Thursday. I don't know about you but I love lists. Here's what I got to make the following menu.

Tofu Vegetable Loaf with Orange Herb Gravy (I'm having this. My omni family is having meat.)
All vegan side dishes and desserts:
Mashed Potatoes (made with soymilk and Earth Balance margarine)
Green Bean Casserole (homemade from scratch)
Butternut Squash Gratin
Herb Stuffing
Cranberry sauce with mandarins
Pumpkin Pie
German Chocolate Cake (for husband's bday on Friday)

My shopping list:

5lb. green beans $6.00
5lb. potatoes $2.00
2lb. carrots $1.29
2lb. broccoli crowns $2.00
1 bunch celery $1.00
1 bunch parsley $0.50
1 large package mushrooms $3.00
2 butternut squash $3.00
fresh rosemary $2.00
2 containers firm tofu $3.40
2 cartons plain unsweetened soymilk $5.40
1 carton Vitasoy chocolate peppermint soymilk $2.29 (I've never had this!)
2 cans cranberry sauce $2.50
1 can mandarin oranges $1.00
2 cans pumpkin $3.00
ground cinnamon $1.00
cornstarch $1.49
3 boxes stuffing mix $4.60 (yes I used boxed but I add my own veg!)
1 bag pecans $4.50
2 bags flaked coconut $3.00
2 bags brown sugar $1.60
1 4lb. bag unrefined sugar $1.79
2 deep dish pie crusts $3.00
1 tub Earth Balance $4.00
3 jars gravy (meat based for omni family) $6.00
meat (for the omnis. It's already cooked so I don't have to prepare it.) $14.00

TOTAL: $83.36


aTxVegn said...

Your menu sounds perfect. How many people are you cooking for?

kmouse said...

Only 5! I always cook more than we need. I know I'll have lots of leftovers but that is A-Ok with me!

Gina said...

Sounds awesome! Enjoy the day :)

Lindsay I-F said...

how do you justify buying meat?

BuzzleBee said...

Wow sounds like you did pretty good!!! Enjoy the day! We already had thanksgiving ( canadian) so next big feast isn't till Christmas!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

kmouse said...

Lindsay I-F,

My husband is an omni and if he wants to eat meat, he will buy it otherwise he eats vegan meals with me. For Thursday I did get some for him as well as my folks and brother that are omnis too which my mom paid for. On any normal day though, meat products are not on my shopping list.