Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Veggie Grill!

Last Friday I met my good friend Cami and we headed out to lunch at Veggie Grill as a treat for her birthday that just passed. This was her first time trying out the food and it was great! Here are some pics I stole from her camera. Today only after 4pm, they have a special for a free meal for your Veggie Grill Virgin friend! Bring in a friend that has not dined at VG and they get a free meal! I'd go if I didn't have so much leftovers in the fridge!

Vegan mac n cheese (delicious!) with "Carne Asada" burger.

This was my Chinese Chik'n Salad. So fresh and so clean.

NACHOS! They do great things with Daiya vegan cheese here.

Kim and Cam after a huge meal. Satisfied and happy!

Oh and check out these really bad vegan cakes we got from Whole Foods. Note to self and every vegan out there: "DO NOT buy Fabe's brand from WF bakery EVER."

Chocolate fudge cake. Dry horrible mess.

Banana cake. Dry horrible mess.


Anonymous said...

I agree about Fabe's cakes. Terrible! I bought the pre-wrapped chocolate cake and it fell apart in a dry crumbly mess! I also tried their apple pie and baked doughnut--not very good. But, I will say that their brownie is good, but it's more like fudge than brownie.

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

you ladies are so pretty :)
i really dislike Fabe's anything except for two kinds of cookies. I'm always disappointed!

Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Every time someone posts about Veggie Grill I just sit and drool and scorn living in Texas.

Woobie is Vegan said...

the vegan desserts at WF are always hit or miss...the cupcakes they make in Portland taste like a lump of sourdough with bland, waxy tofu frosting on top. ick! :)

Oraphan said...

Oh! NO! I missed free food at VG! Was it last night only? Please text me next time you know about their promotion.

Kim and Cam look adorable together:)