Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Eats.

Happy Monday all! Don't worry, it'll go by fast! That's what I tell myself every Monday anyway. After a nice walk this morning with the dog, I had a bowl of Farina hot cereal (cream of wheat) with blackstrap molasses, maple syrup and cinnamon. Not so pretty looking but it was very good.

I made a big batch of this red bean jambalaya from 1,000 Vegan Recipes last night. This will be lunch and possibly dinner today. It's a pretty good recipe though I did change a few things like using yellow pepper instead of green, jalapeno instead of mild green chiles and I omitted one can of the crushed tomatoes because I didn't have any. I guess it would have been more tomatoey with it but I liked it this way.


Stefanie said...

With all the recipes you have made from the 1000 Vegan Recipe books, I am tempted to buy it and try it out. All of the dishes you have made look and sound delish.

kmouse said...

I highly recommend the book. It covers everything. If I had to take one cookbook with me on a desert island I think I'd take this one.