Friday, January 16, 2009

"Save-the-Tuna" Wrap + Yummy Date Cake

I made a batch of Ani Phyo's "Save-the-Tuna" paté yesterday to make these wraps for me and my husband for lunch. It's a sunflower seed paté that has chopped celery, onions and grated carrots. It's really delicious and I'm so pleased that my husband likes it. He says it reminds him of those little Starkist Tuna lunch mixes that comes in a can with crackers on the side. This paté goes very well with crackers by the way.

Along with the paté, I added collard greens, yellow bell peppers, onions (that were marinated in balsamic vinegar), carrots and cucumber.

I haven't had cake since christmas and I've been craving it like crazy. I haven't bought flour on purpose because I wanted to keep away from the temptation to bake. But today I was desperate and I had exactly 1 cup of flour left in my pantry, which was the perfect amount to make date cake! And luckily I bought a package of dates a few days ago so I was good to go. This cake is seriously moist and really sweet and just gorgeous.

Look at that! Recipe for the cake is here. Be sure to sub soymilk for the milk!


Sarah said...

i love that there's a PPKer to review ani recipes for me :)

Anonymous said...

That paté sounds really good. Someone posted a recipe (probably about a year ago) for chickpea 'tuna' salad and I loved that. I never liked tuna as an omni but tuna spreads, salads and patés sound yummy for some reason.

veggievixen said...

ooh, i've been trying to find a good veggie tuna recipe for ages...looks delicious

Jen Treehugger said...

You've convinced me to make the Paté
it looks yum and so does that Cake!!

Leslie Richman said...

I've made the Save The Chicks pate', but not the tuna. It sounds great!