Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shells n Cheez Please.

This was dinner. It's the "Instant Cheez It" sauce from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. You prepare it by making a dry mix of ingredients which you keep in a storage container and use 1/2 cup at a time that you whisk with water or nondairy milk over medium heat until it gets thick and bubbly. Then you can add it to your favorite pasta or as a topping for vegetables or anything at all. I had mine with shells. So creamy and much better than that Velveeta crap!

Edited to add: This is still considered "cooking out of the pantry"!

Pantry staples used:
nutritional yeast
spices/herbs: paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, dill, dry mustard, salt, pepper, sugar

Other ingredients:
plain soymilk
wet mustard

Ingredients I had to purchase: none


marciferous said...

Love that recipe - but mine always comes out "gummy". What's your secret for making it creamier?

kmouse said...

Sometimes it gets too thick so I just thin it out with either more soymilk or take some of the water that the pasta is boiling in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, obtaining a perfect uncheese cheeze is on my to-do list and this makes it seem.. doable! I like how you make a mix to just keep on hand too.

Anonymous said...

Your food always looks fantastic. I have a question: where do you buy wide rice noodles? I have only been able to find the thin and very thin noodles and I would love to make homemade Drunk Man Noodles.

Tracy P.

kmouse said...

Hi! Usually the wide noodles should be the fresh kind that come in a vacuum package at asian markets. They are covered in oil and you have to manually separate the noodles before you use them. The thai name for it is "Sen Yai".
But they should also have them dried too like this:

DJ Karma said...

Great idea for those lazy days! I seem to have quite a few of them lately :)

Claryn said...

I haven't tried this version of mac'n'cheese, but I love that you can keep a dry mix of it in the pantry for quick use rather than buying the gnarly, expensive boxed stuff. Thanks for pointing it out!