Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ramen Noodle Comfort.

When you're having a rough day and doing your best yet nothing is going your way, it's nice to come home to a warm comforting meal such as this one. Well, I didn't actually come home to it, I had to make it myself but it was a pleasure to do so. It was like a warm hug, this bowl of steaming broth with filling noodles, soft vegetables and tofu. I felt better instantly.

Edited to add: This is still "cooking out of the pantry"!

Pantry staples used:
ramen noodles
soy sauce
mushroom soy sauce
black pepper

Other ingredients:

Ingredients I had to purchase: none


Stacy said...

I feel comforted just by looking at your photo... it's been a while since I had a steaming bowl of ramen, and that needs to change!

mppaul2 said...

Love a nice warm bowl of ramen, my version of 'hot and sour'. What kind of noodles do you use?

Anonymous said...

mmmm looks so good...

Kamaile said...

mmm..that looks so good. Hope you have a positive day today!

kmouse said...

I used "Long Life" brand instant noodles. I got them at an asian market.

Thanks! I hope so too!