Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Detox Week 2, Day 9

Moving along...moving along...

Had millet porridge for the first time today. I think I undercooked it because it wasn't as soft and mushy as I expected. And I made way too much and was only able to eat half of it. No need for a pre-workout snack apparently.

Here it is with sliced bananas, raisins, sesame seeds and a nice drizzle of brown rice syrup.

Lunch was pretty boring. I had a bunch of red grapes and a medium bowl of spinach soup. Yawn. No need for pictures.

Snacks: some macadamia nuts and raisins and later after a dog walk, a nectarine.

I finally made Gillian McKeith's infamous Chickpea Burgers. These guys are supposed to be a favorite of most people on her diet plan. They are much like falafel except they have sunflower seeds, carrots and tahini in them. They were very tasty. I served them with rocket salad, brown rice and garlic aioli from 'The Country Life Vegetarian Cookbook'. The aioli is made with unsweetened soymilk, garlic, lemon juice and some olive and canola oil. I also added some chopped cucumber to it. Because of the bit of fat in it, I didn't have very much.


Dani said...

Do you have a copy of the One Week Raw pdf? Their site doesn't seem to be working for me anymore.

kmouse said...

Send me an email and I'll try to send it to you via email as an attachment!


Mihl said...

I really want to come over for breakfast one day!

Thank you for the link to those chickpea patties, they sound and look fabulous!

Dawn said...

But I want pictures of the grapes! ;-) You are doing so well! 1/2 done now, right?

Jeni Treehugger said...

WOAH!!! Those Chickpea Burgers look AWESOME!
Thanks for the link.