Thursday, February 5, 2009

Detox Week 1, Day 4

Last night husband and I were talking about our cravings. I kept saying the word "cake" and he kept repeating "pizza". Oh dear, it's only day 4...

But today's foods were awesome.

Breakfast: Strawberry-Dates-Banana-Collard Greens Smoothie (no picture sorry!)

To make up for the missing breakfast picture, I'll show you what I got at the local health food store today. I was supposed to just go to the post office but when I passed by, I couldn't help but pull into their parking lot.

Salt-free brown rice cakes, brown rice syrup, salt-free peanut butter, ACV, and some bulk items from L to R: aduki beans, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and whole wheat flour (for the healthy pizza I'm making next week!).

I had to make a mid-morning snack with some of this stuff! I spread a little peanut butter on a rice cake and drizzled it with brown rice syrup and sprinkled sesame seeds on top. Yum! I haven't had a rice cake since high school when I used to yo-yo diet. I will continue to buy them, they're so nice!

I wanted to have a large chopped salad for lunch and needed a good salad dressing. I found this easy, delicious Goddess dressing at (Scroll down to Day 5 to get the recipe.)

For lunch: chopped salad with green leaf, spinach, red peppers and cucumber. And a sprinkling of flax seeds. To make it lower in fat, I diluted about a TB of dressing with some lemon juice. Worked very well and gave my salad a lot of flavor!

For dinner we had vegetable sushi rolls. The rolls had brown rice, red peppers, carrots, cucumber and avocado. They were delicious. We didn't eat all of these! I ate about 6. My husband ate a lot. The rest are for lunch tomorrow.

I served the rolls with Crunchy Walnut Coleslaw with sesame miso dressing. Recipes from You Are What You Eat Cookbook.


veggievixen said...

holy crap, your food still looks amazing even though you're on a "diet." this is so great of you!

i especially love the salad w/ the goddess dressing. looks sooo good!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so proud of you, Kim!You made such beautiful sushi rolls. Do you eat them with soy sauce and wasabi? The salad also looks wonderful. Good luck on your diet.
Pi Nuan :-)

kmouse said...

Hi Pi Nuan!
I ate them with soy sauce. I'm not a fan of wasabi. Sometimes I use chinese mustard as a replacement. I've made sushi lots of times now so I'm an old pro. ;)

Mandee said...

Your detox foods are looking great! I've had a few cravings while eating raw but the good food seems to help you forget about them!
I'm going to try making that dressing.

Jackie said...

Hi, Kim,

Have you tried the chickpea flour pizza from Madhur Jaffrey's World of Vegetarian Cooking (I think that's the name, I'll look when I get home.)? It's really good & my omni husband loves it.

kmouse said...

No I haven't- I don't have that book. But it sounds SO good. I'll have to look for it and see if it's posted online!

kmouse said...

Is this it? It sounds so easy!

Dawn said...

That is a nice haul from the grocery. Rice cakes are a staple at my house. If you ever see the thin ones, they are even better.

Sarah said...

Printed out my copy of one week raw - thanks for the link!

Jeni Treehugger said...

It all looks so good. I love Rice Cakes - they are yummy but I've never thought of putting PB on them!!
That Salad looks to die for. I am a complete Salad fan and eat them all the time, definitely my favourite food - my body could do with a nice big Salad now in fact.
Thanks for the link to that Dressing - the whole PDF looks marvelous and has been bookmarked for future reference.