Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Detox Week 1, Day 2

Yesterday was a great first day. I actually didn't feel "hungry" like I thought I would or have any cravings for chocolate or sweets. I ate lots of fruit which probably curbed any sweet cravings that would have arose. I was on the post punk kitchen forums a lot and looking at all the wonderful food porn (cinnamon rolls, cake, muffins...) was a bit hard but it didn't make me want to start baking or anything.

So our second day went like this:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (banana-date-blueberry-collard greens)

Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night, a bit of leftover turnip soup, green salad/bean salad (pictured), a bunch of red grapes

Snacks: banana, nuts/seeds/raisins, celery and carrots w/ sunflower paté, red grapes, herbal teas

Dinner:Baked tofu with leeks and spinach, baked sweet potato, green salad. The tofu was based on the Baked Salmon recipe from You Are What You Eat cookbook.


leslie said...

good job! i am working on giving this a try, the food is what i am already eating, its cutting out the coffee in the morning and wine at night, i would probably feel better just eliminating those two things without the diet change, ha ha!!

Dawn said...

It all looks nice, but that bean salad is especially pretty. You are 10% of the way through your 3 weeks :-)

Utopian Kitchen said...

Are you eating all of those things together, like the beans and pasta and grapes at the same time? I don't see how a detox or a significant one would occur on this diet, since the food combining and not at least 75% raw?

kmouse said...

Utopian Kitchen,
The main reason for this "detox" is for me to focus on eating more fruits, veg, beans, whole grains etc and to cut out sweets, processed junk, white rice/pasta/bread, alcohol and caffeine. I'm not really concerned about food combining, just trying to eat healthier after all the crap I've been eating since the holidays.

kmouse said...

I'm actually only still on week 1! I mislabeled my post. haha!

Cherie said...

Cool - good work on the detox! Yeah, I can see how it would be healthy/healthier; I just know that I would have digestion issues with that combining, but that's just my own body.

aTxVegn said...

It all looks delicious. Just good healthy foods - yum.