Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Detox Week 2, Day 10

Ooh yay, we're heading into double digit numbers now! Day 10!

Breakfast was a weird mistake. I wanted to revamp yesterday's disappointing millet porridge into something else. I heated it up with a little soymilk in the micro, then I dumped it into the blender with about 1/4 cup of my husband's leftover berry smoothie, half a banana and a little more soymilk. I ate half of it with a spoon until I realized the color and texture reminded me of vomit. Ugh. So much for experimenting. It did taste good though, just couldn't get past the color and texture.

My cousins came over today to hang out and go for lunch so I didn't work out and instead did a mini Robin Hood marathon with them! We watched about 4 episodes. (by the way Robin Hood is a BBC show that we love.) Afterwards my brother came by and we all went to lunch at M Cafe.

I ordered the 3 salad combo: kale w/ spicy peanut sauce, grilled veggies and a green salad. It was lovely and looked so beautiful. But even as I was munching away happily on my leaves and veggies, I was secretly checking out these delectable items that the others were having...

My cousin Wendy had the Panino Provencale which had grilled veggies, pesto and tofu cheese. Mmm!

My other cousin Jessie had the tempeh club. Wow! And on yummy sourdough. You don't know how much I want bread right now.

Look what else tempted me on the table. My brother got these fries with his tuna burger. I was seriously salivating over these fries! I had ONE measly stick and went straight back to my salads. After this diet, I'm seriously helping myself to some bread and potatoes.

Snacks for the day: 4 dates and later after an hour dog walk, an apple and a rice cake.

Dinner: Nothing special. I'm planning to eat the leftover chickpea burgers from yesterday and a salad.


Jamie said...

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veggievixen said...

that salad looks awesome, but i can understand your food envy!

trucksr4gurls said...

sorry about the breakfast fubar. glad you had a good time with family though.