Saturday, November 5, 2016

Good Deals on Vegan Makeup!

Brija Cosmetics are discontinuing some of their shadows and they are offering "Grab Bags" of 5 random full size shadows for $10. I knew I had to pick it up along with the eye balm which has been getting great reviews.

Gets rid of dark circles under the eyes. I'll be needing this after the baby arrives, no?

I'm in love with these colors and I think they look great with my tan skin tone. Top row: We're All Mad Here. Second row: Unkindess of Ravens, Brave. Third row: Reindeer, Keith Scott.

Also got a couple very affordable shadows (around $3.50 each) from Wonderland Beauty Cosmetics. I'm a sucker for orange and yellow tones. Too bad the sample is not vegan.

Caramel drizzle and Sun Bathing. Look how much product you get!

Top: Caramel Drizzle. Bottom: Sun Bathing. Gorgeous!!!

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