Monday, November 14, 2016

Good Deals on Vegan Makeup Part 2!

The deals keep coming and I just received these today! Clean Cauldron on Etsy are discontinuing all of their eyeshadows so I was able to get some for around $2-3 each! If you like what you see, head over to the Etsy shop now before they are all gone!

Adorable packaging!

Sweet! My mini haul!

Top to bottom: Mars, Harvest Moon and Lantern.

Top to bottom: Foiled Again, Garnet, Peridot (free gift).

This eyeshadow I got on Amazon for $6.99 from the company Honeybee Gardens. The color is Passage to India which is a rich copper red brown. That's a lot of product for that price! (How can people pay $16 for a tiny pan of MAC eyeshadow?)

Passage to India by Honeybee Gardens, Foiled Again and Garnet by Clean Cauldron. 

Mars, Lantern, Harvest Moon, Peridot. Lantern is gorgeous! It's a light orange with pink duochrome.

It's official. I don't have enough eyes for all these eyeshadows in my collection! But they sure are fun to experiment with.

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