Friday, May 13, 2016

Vegan Cosmetics Review: Shiro 6th Anniversary Sale

Geez, I should probably start a vegan makeup blog huh? Well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to order from Shiro Cosmetics when they were having a 20% off 6 year anniversary sale. Their stuff is so pretty and fun. So this is what I got: 2 lipglosses in Baby Don't Hurt Me and a custom gloss in That's Chess! 2 eyeshadows in Huge Six-cess (free with $25 purchase) and Smells Like Victory. And one face powder highlight in White Chocolate Frog. Shiro also included 2 free samples: a powder highlight in Curaga and eyeshadow in Violence Solves Everything.

White Chocolate Frog has the cutest packaging. Inside the lid you get a surprise character card. I got Harry Potter!

White Chocolate Frog is a pearly highlight. I'm pretty tan so if I use this, it is very sparingly and with a fluffy brush to create diffused highlight on my face. Top is a heavy swatch and underneath lightly dusted and blended.

Smells Like Victory is a matte-ish brick red/orange with a slight gleam. Huge Six-cess is a beautiful muted teal with glorious sheen.

My beautiful glosses in 2 colors that also fall into my wannabe BIBA makeup colors. On the left is That's Chess! in moderate. I think it's a little more opaque than moderate but I don't mind. It's a beautiful rusty, sludgy reddish golden brown with a nice metallic sheen. If not for the metallic aspect, it's almost a dupe for Biba's Turkish lipstick. On the right is Baby Don't Hurt Me which is sooooo gorgeous. A plummy mauve which falls into the "bruised fruit" color category a la Biba. 

Both glosses swatched on my arm. Lovely.

As you can see here, my Shiro Cosmetics gloss collection is growing!


ada amran said...

Yes you should!!

Beverlee said...

Those names crack me up!