Sunday, May 15, 2016

Native Foods & Lentil Soup.

We went to lunch yesterday at Native Foods in Westwood. So sad that the Culver location is closed. Santa Monica too. Why??? It happened so fast and so mysteriously.

This is the BBQ chicken salad. So yummy! For dessert a chocolate cupcake.

Fries and blueberry hibiscus tea.

Today's cooking: Ina Garten's lentil sausage soup. I didn't have leeks so I left them out. Used Tofurky Andouille sausages. Mmmm!

Served with a healthy portion of mashed potatoes.

Lunch for me and lots of leftovers for the work week lunches.


Beverlee said...

Shocked about the Native Foods closings. We frequent the one in Aliso Viejo in OC often. The service is a crap shoot and they keep overturning management but that won't stop me from going because I love the food. I hope they they make the Rockin' the Blues mushroom burger a permanent menu item - so tasty!

kmouse said...

I love Native. So much more than their competition Veggie Grill. I hope they reopen more locations on the Westside.

Hillary said...

I don't live in California, but it's always sad to hear about vegan restaurants closing. That salad looks delicious!
Lentil soup is one of my favorite things in the world, I can't believe I've never had it with mashed potatoes! I need to try that, thanks for the delicious looking idea!