Monday, August 18, 2008

Snobby Joes Tostadas?

This is Veganomicon's 'Snobby Joes' recipe and I was very excited to finally try it. This is a vegan version of good old Sloppy Joes but taken to another level. Instead of using ground meat (obviously), lentils take their place. As I put everything together - cooking lentils, sauteeing peppers and onions... I realized I didn't have any hamburger buns to eat them with! So I improvised and made these "Snobby Joe Tostadas" by lightly frying a couple of corn tortillas in oil and adding corn kernels on top with a shot of hot sauce. Delicious! You'd be surprised how hearty and filling these are. Can't wait to have leftovers tomorrow.

Recipe can be found at the ppk website:


LeAnne said...

I want Snobby Joes so bad!

Maria Maria said...
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Maria Maria said...

I would love to make this recipe but am currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and maple syrup is actually unheard of here. There are specialty places I can go to get it but instead of spending a fortune for a theoretical one-time use is there anything I can substitute it with? Thanks so much! This served as inspiration for a very popular meal the other evening — http://abogadosespa├▒ I had leftover basic pasta sauce, lentils, but no mustard, syrup, or tomato paste and no desire to drag myself to the store to go shopping. Thus we had deconstructed “meatball” sandwiches and my daughter took it for lunch the next day and actually ate it. I love the site and stop by often for recipes and inspiration!