Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Asian Food Night.

So this is what made for dinner last night from some of the stuff I bought yesterday. (Speaking of which I didn't show you all my purchases - I found two cans of coconut juice under the seat in my car!) Anyway on to the food...

I made this simple vegetable stir fry with broccoli, baby bok choy, onions and that mushroom oyster flavored sauce.

Sweet and sour pineapple tofu. I tossed them in cornstarch first before I fried them in oil. This makes them nice and crisp on the outside. Then they get covered in this pineapple sauce recipe here.

Here is the mock chicken from a can experiment. I stir fried it with broccoli and onions in oil and used a black bean garlic sauce. To be honest, this didn't go over very well for me. It had a weird aftertaste that I can only attribute to it being in a can. If you're going to cook with gluten/seitan (aka 'mock meat'), make it yourself. I recommend Julie Hasson's fool proof recipe. It says 'Spicy Italian' but you can easily change up the spices for a different tasting mock meat. And they're in sausage shape but once you slice it up, you can use it for anything!

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pitbull friend said...

Wow, Kim! Beautiful stuff on here! I am lucky to have some good Asian markets here in St. Paul, so I love experimenting with things I find there, too. I draw the line at canned gluten, though. I know there are ways to make it good, but just haven't latched onto one yet.