Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chipotle Black Bean Burrito

We're watching the Dodger game on tv. Go Dodgers! My boyfriend is #30. (just kidding. but god, he's cute!) My husband was going to order a pizza and asked me if I wanted a veggie with no cheese. I declined. I was in the mood for a burrito. I would have rather gone out to Chipotle to get one but because I'm short of funds, I had to make my own. Luckily I had all the ingredients on hand.

I like to add this stuff to canned black beans to give them that smoky flavor.

Black beans simmering with a shot of chipotle powder and some ground cumin. Mmm...

Sauteed some peppers and onions. Burned them a little...

Homemade pico de gallo and jasmine rice skimpily dressed with lime juice and a few shreds of cilantro.

Assembly. I'm usually a big fan of white flour tortillas but I only had the whole grain variety this time. Boo. Well, at least I'm getting my fiber.

Yump. Don't worry, I poured all kinds of hot sauce in there!

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