Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another fishy idea: Mock Tuna Salad

Since my last post was about making faux fish, I thought I'd try a different faux fish recipe today. I didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight so I made the 'Tuna Free Sandwich Filling' from Robin Robertson's book Vegan Planet. It reminds me a lot of the mock "chicken" salad I make which basically consists of mashed chickpeas (garbanzo beans), celery, garlic and onion powder, mustard and mayo. This one though has almonds and kelp powder in it which is supposed to lend a fishy flavor. I did not have kelp powder so I substituted flaked seaweed (see note below) which worked very well. I also added sweet relish because it is what my mom always put in my tuna sandwiches (which was pretty much the only kind of fish I liked) as a kid. This makes a very delicious mock tuna salad and I don't miss eating real tuna at all.

First I tried it on crackers. Yum...

Then I made a sandwich with extra mayo and sliced cucumber. Double yum!

Note: To make flaked seaweed, take a nori sheet and pulverize it in the blender!


pixiepine said...

I love your blog! I'm gonna get into my Vegan Planet and make this recipe :)

Maria Maria said...

A couple weeks ago I saw this Mock Tuna Salad recipe recommended on someone's blog (whose blog it was now eludes me though), so I thought, Hey, Self, that'd be something yummy to make for lunches for the week, Self. So Self made a batch of "Tuna" Salad and was knocked off her feet by it. But then Self realized that she'd never actually tasted *real* tuna salad before (*gasps of shock and horror*) so she wasn't actually sure it *tasted* like real tuna salad, though it certainly did *smell* like it and reminded her of her mom and her family dog Lucy (whom she was convinced was half-cat since she had a fiendish love of tuna). consultoria medicina pediatria medicina medicina dermatologia veterinaria veterinaria veterinarian online especialista abogado españa abogado colombia abogado mexico abogado españa derecho psicologia medicina psicologia derecho psicologo Anyways, Self tried to figure out how to get an accurate read on how tuna-esque the mock-tuna salad actually was, and it dawned on her she could save a wee bit for her fellow when he was in town for the weekend. This was a difficult task, as Self kept whittling down the quantity of "tuna" salad left, because it was *that* good. But thankfully there was enough left for him to try out Sunday morning, and lo and behold, despite him being skeptical of it tasting like *real* tuna salad, his eyes got big, and he said, "Well, I'll be damned--this actually *does* really taste like tuna salad" (or some equivalent of that where he didn't sound like an old guy in a fedora).