Sunday, August 31, 2014

So tasty!

For dinner yesterday I made the Spicy Chickpeas and Carrots from the River Cottage Veg cookbook. It has great flavors: cumin, garlic, orange zest, orange juice and smoked paprika.

For supper tonight we had a bunch of lovely things to nibble on. Salad, tomato bruschetta, white bean hummus, agave roasted cherry tomatoes (that I made yesterday) with fresh seeded baguette slices.

Arugula, cranberries, grilled zucchini, grilled mushrooms tossed in a light italian dressing.

Tomato bruschetta which is simply fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil, salt and pepper.

Popped open the Moroccan Olive Salad that I bought yesterday from World Market. This stuff is good! Green olives bathed in olive oil, tomato sauce and spices.

All served on seeded baguette slices. I love eating like this so much.

So tasty!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grocery shopping, Pantry items and Leek & Cheese Toastie & Agave Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.

My 99 cents store finds today. Lots of canned beans and a few produce items.

Nayonaise whipped for 99 cents! This stuff is good. Tastes like Miracle Whip. I don't know if it's a popular flavor. They may be discontinuing it.

A well stocked pantry is serious business.

I also stopped at Cost Plus World Market and bought more pantry items. Martini onions, a couple of Moroccan items, capers, HP Sauce, Curry ketchup, crackers and rich tea biscuits...I love it when you only need one thing but end up buying a bunch of other stuff. Recreational food shopping FTW.

Fentiman's cola is so good!

After unpacking all of my purchases, I proceeded to make the Leek and Cheese Toastie from River Cottage Veg cookbook. I subbed Daiya for the cheese and almond milk for the cream. It turned out perfect. It's very rich. The combination of sweet leeks and cheese on the toasted bread made a very satisfying lunch.

Also from the same cookbook, I made the Honey Roasted Cherry Tomatoes but instead of honey I used agave. Also very delicious on toast. The agave lends a very light sweetness.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

More Montreal deliciousness: AUX VIVRES RESTAURANT and other vegan snacks.

When in Montreal, you must stop by Aux Vivres for an all vegan meal.

First up we tried the cornbread with veggie "butter". The cornbread was very tasty and on the savory side.

Soup of the day was a yellow dahl.

BLT Caesar for me which was ok. I'm not used to having a caesar salad without romaine lettuce. It did have some interesting "coconut bacon" which I rather liked.

For dessert, cappucino and blueberry "uncheesecake". Yum!

Snack attack! Forget about name brand potato chips. My fave are the all dressed generic brand (99 cents!) from Jean Coutu.

I was able to find vegan friendly items at IGA, my fave supermarket when in Mtl.

Shopping on St. Denis, I had to check out Cremerie Meu Meu for soy ice cream! My outfit even matched the shopfront.

I was a happy mouse with a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of peanut butter.

Homemade food by our friend Rob. Perfect potatoes.

He even made veggie burgers for me! One of our most memorable meals. Dinner with friends is always special.

Paragon restaurant in St. Leonard. Vegetarian submarine sandwich, no cheese no sauce. It has grilled onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. So tasty!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Homemade Tagine and LOLA ROSA VEGETARIAN BISTRO in Montreal.

This was my dinner tonight. I was inspired by a beautiful tagine I had at LOLA ROSA vegetarian restaurant in Montreal, Canada where I had my holiday the past ten days. I was back at work today and couldn't stop thinking of that tagine. So I came home and made this. It has potatoes, chickpeas, carrots, onions, raisins, apricots, olives and tomato. I served it with whole wheat couscous and sliced almonds.

Lola Rosa is a beautiful little bistro in the Plateau district in Montreal on Avenue du Parc.

I liked the artwork in this place. ;)

Quesadilla plate which my husband had. It had a sweet potato filling and he said it was delicious. It could be made vegan also.

Veggie burger made out of lentils and chia seeds. Looked amazing.

I had the tagine which was so delicious! It was served with what tasted like mint chutney. So good.

For dessert, chocolate banana tarte. Yumm.

The tables had drawers which housed random notes from strangers.

I left my own note.

Lola Rosa Montreal

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tasty English Muffin.

Dinner: Pan fried english muffin with veggie ham and Daiya jalapeno havarti vegan cheese. I ate it with tamarind chutney and a nice arugula salad with cranberry and fried onions. So tasty.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Life Changing Loaf of Bread".

This "bread" recipe has been going around the internet and has been blogged about many times by foodies like myself. I wanted to try it because I'm a fan of dense breads full of fiber. I buy Mestemacher german breads often and I love them. This one is not really like Mestemacher because there is no rye. It is loaded with different nuts and seeds which creates a crunchy texture. It is very dense and very flavorful. My loaf was made with flax seeds, chia, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and roasted hazelnuts, psyllium husk and oats. It is lightly sweetened with agave and rich with coconut oil. Find the recipe here! Pictures of my loaf below.

As you can see, the loaf came out beautifully browned and golden.

I cut them into slices and topped it with Trader Joe's eggplant hummus, arugula and tomato bruschetta salad. Delicious!

I pre-sliced some and will save for later!

Asian Deliciousness.

A few asian meals that I've been craving. The first is a simple tofu and vegetable stir fry, the second is a plum sauce and sesame glazed tofu served with steamed broccoli and edamame. All served on a bed of rice with a healthy squirt of Sriracha sauce!