Saturday, January 28, 2017

Willow Tree Minerals and Mad Lab - natural and cruelty free cosmetics.

I bought samples from Willow Tree Minerals about a year ago and never made swatches. This is a great little company that makes beautiful mineral makeup in so many shades. Here's what I got.

Top to bottom: Passion Fruit, Pumpkin, Sunkissed Ginger, Tangy Tangerine, Praline, Cider, Antique Copper

Cider, Antique Copper, Chocolate Truffle, Boysenberry Tea, Bright Blueberry, and Rainforest. 

A few more: Olive Tree, Berries, Cinnamon Silk

Really beautiful duochrome happening with Cinnamon Silk. 

Go check out their Etsy shop. The photos are beautiful.

I also got a few samples from Mad Lab, also on Etsy.

Top to bottom: Pearl, Palladium Gold, Gold 2.0, Not Amused, Cinnamon Challenge, Dark God. Very nice neutrals.

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