Sunday, January 22, 2017

More swatches from Aromaleigh, Darling Girl and Ili Cosmetics!

Hey guys I've got more makeup to swatch. Haven't had a chance to do this until today. Lots of fun for me before baby arrives. I'll doubt I'll be wearing any makeup in the first three months after he's born! So here we go!

First the items themselves. These are 5 beautiful eyeshadows and 2 highlighting powders from Aromaleigh Cosmetics. The large highlight with the beautiful artwork is called Amaterasu.

Darling Girl Cosmetics! My first time trying their stuff. Very affordable at around $3 per mini jar. I got 2 and received one free plus a sample blush.

Ili Cosmetics at Etsy had a sale in the new year. I got 3 mini jars around $3.50 each and got a sample size free.

On to the swatches! These can get messy and if you are not careful, a jar of eyeshadow that doesn't have a sifter can fly out of your hand and land dark brown powder all over the carpet. Boo. My loss. It was Aromaleigh Gandareva. I still have a tiny bit that I salvaged.

Top to bottom: Aromaleigh's Nemesis and Europa / Aromaleigh's Leiriope and Lucid / Aromaleigh's Gandareva and Darling Girl's Black Hole Sun.

Top to bottom: Darling Girl's You're My Bitch and London Calling / Ili's Bedouin and Wicked / Ili's Bakhoor and Heartbreak.

Left to right: Splendora blush by Darling Girl, Amaterasu highlight by Aromaleigh and Stelliferous Era highlight by Aromaleigh.

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Unknown said...

Great swatches!! I definitely need Aromaleigh's AMATERASU!!