Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday lunch and dinner.

I made a pot of Manestra today from my Olive And The Caper Greek cookbook. Just a simple tomato based soup, heavy on garlic, onions and oregano. I ran out of orzo pasta do I used little rings and stars.

What do you pair a tomato soup with except grilled cheese? I've been eating a lot of these. A lot.

I sprinkled Galaxy vegan Parmesan on top. Mm!

For dinner, a huge spinach and iceberg salad with onions, baked tofu and tempeh bacon, French dressing and Bacos! I also had a bagel after this (not pictured).

I made Isa's chocolate chip cookies for my moms birthday today. 

Now I'm lying in bed totally full and listening to one of my fave albums. Obsessed with 70s Bowie!

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