Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vegan cruelty free cosmetics review: Brija Cosmetics

I know this is a food blog but being a vegan, there are other areas of my life that I have to watch out for animal products. It's impossible to avoid absolutely everything because animal by-products are used a lot in so many things. It's easier to go with what you can control. Cosmetics and beauty products are some of those things. I recently threw out a lot of my drugstore and name brand cosmetics because of the amount of really bad ingredients and animal products that were used to make them. I have been checking out indie cosmetic companies that use minerals to make their products. Brija Cosmetics is one of them. It is run by a lovely gal named Brianna who is a whiz at creating absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow, blush and lip colors that are inspired by fandoms and tv shows/films. I have purchased from Brija twice so far and I am very happy with my animal free and cruelty free options.

Counter-clockwise: Inheritance blush (Downton Abbey), Good Vibes only eyeshadow (free gift with purchase), Adhesive eye wax (used on your lids to make eyeshadow colors pop and stay on longer), Shouldn't Have Said That eyeshadow (Harry Potter/Hagrid), Are They Made from Real Girl Scouts eyeshadow (Wednesday Addams), Transfiguration eyeshadow (Harry Potter/Professor McGonnagall). The two baggies in the middle are samples of ESPN Highlight (highlight powder) and Page 394 eyeshadow (Harry Potter/Professor Snape).

 Beautiful colors and fun to play with. Inheritance blush is a magenta purple blush with orange and red undertones. Transfiguration eyeshadow is a taupey grey with shimmer. Shouldn't Have Said That is a brown mossy green shimmer. Are They Made From Real Girls Scouts?  is a beautiful purpley brown with lots of shimmer.

Swatched on my arm: L to R: Good Vibes Only (pale pink shimmer with a light violet duochrome), Transfiguration (shimmery taupe), Shouldn't Have Said That (greenish brown) Are They Made From Real Girl Scouts? (Purply brown shimmer).

Love the packaging and artwork.

Swatches L to R: Zelena, Mulled Wine, Tired of the Same Old Thing, The Boy Who Lived. Brija Cosmetics

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