Friday, January 29, 2016

All The Foods!

Some food pics to get you hungry for the weekend!

Dinner a movie. A brand of fake chicken I found at Target. I think it was called Simply Balanced or something. The frozen chicken strips looked weird but once you cook it up and add the teriyaki sauce, it looked nice and tasted nice too!

Another dinner and a movie. BBQ Chicken sandwich made with Boca Chicken burger with bbq sauce and homemade coleslaw.

Good vegan snack or otherwise known as meal in a bag. I can eat this all in one go.

Delicious veggie burrito from Tacomiendo!

More vegan snacks that are too good to only have one.

Carla's Vegetarian sandwich at Bossa Nova without the goat cheese spread. Was delish.

Comforting mac n cheese made with leftover sausage gravy and Daiya.


vegan peace said...

I like the Target Simply Balanced line too. Everything looks delicious as always. The burrito is a real stand out!

kmouse said...

I was so surprised how good it was because the strips themselves were white and weird looking!