Saturday, January 30, 2016

Vegan cosmetics review: Jen Joi Cosmetics

Jen Joi Cometics is a wonderful company I found on Etsy. Jennifer is the owner and she makes beautiful makeup that is all natural and mostly vegan. I think a few colors may not be vegan. I made sure that my choices were vegan. When I received my package, I was so surprised how big these samples are. Blushes and foundation samples are $4 and eyeshadow samples are $3. What a steal!

So this is what I got to try out. Morning Rose blush, Apricot and Peach blush, Olive 3 foundation shade, Queen Elizabeth eyeshadow and a free sample she included, Honey eyeshadow.

Beautiful pigments! And look how generous these samples are. The eyeshadows are packed into a 3 gram jar. I have no idea how many grams of blush/foundation are here but it's a lot.

Morning Rose blush is a beautiful red-pink blush, the color of pretty rose petals. It has some shimmer in it but if you use a light hand, it looks very natural.

Apricot and Peach blush is a kind of cinnamon neutral color. On my skin it's only slightly darker so it shows up on my face as very natural and slightly shimmery, kind of like a highlight or illumination powder.

Olive 3 foundation is offered as a neutral foundation for olive skin tones or deep beige skin tones. There are a lot of shades offered and I tried to pick the closest to what I wear now which is a medium tan neutral. Works great with my skintone. I used it this morning mixed a little into my moisturizer.

Queen Elizabeth gold eyeshadow is lovely, an antiqued gold with some grey and silver in it.

Honey shadow is wonderful. This works as a highlight powder for me too.

Morning Rose blush and Apricot and Peach blush swatched on my inner arm. Gorgeous colors.

And the eyeshadows swatched with bare skin on left, primer on the right. You'll notice the gold is darker on primed skin and the honey goes more ivory. Completely happy with my purchase. The quality is wonderful and the colors are very pigmented. If you are interested in trying mineral makeup but don't want to make too big of an investment, I suggest you take a look at this great little shop! JEN JOI COSMETICS

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