Monday, March 1, 2010

Spaghetti w/ Red Wine and Rosemary Marinara

Made dinner with help from my new cookbook 'Vegan Italiano' tonight. Very simple sauce that came together in under 30 minutes. I added lots of fresh basil and zucchini. I topped my portion of pasta with a blob of creamy cashew cheeze sauce that I got from work (sorry can't give you the recipe). The sauce was great when mixed in with the pasta, it made it very creamy and so yummy!


Kate said...

I did not know you worked for that company. I got a free package of your notchos when I was working whole foods, doing a demo for the raw food company I work for. The whole foods guy was like, pick something out and you can have it and I chose your brand! They were delish.

kmouse said...

That's awesome! The Notchos are by far the most popular product.

marciferous said...

Funny, I almost bought the "Vegan Italiano" book over the weekend! Does it have plenty of good recipes?

kmouse said...

Yes it does. I'm glad I bought it as well as the other Donna Klein books (Mediterranean Vegan and Tropical Vegan)