Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rice Casserole

Another warm and comforting casserole for a chilly day. I've made this before. It's the "Potato and Chickpea Curry with Rice" recipe from Vegetarian Times. It's so easy to throw a bunch of things in a dutch oven or covered casserole and bake for an hour. I made 1/3 of the recipe and added green beans and eggplant to my casserole and served it with sauteed garlicky kale. I should have doubled the amount of eggplant in it because they shrunk to almost nothing! But still, this was really yummy.


Mike K said...

Yum! It's definitely casserole season here, and this looks great.

katie said...


Looks fantastic!

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Happy Sunday,


Oraphan said...

Wow! That looks like my kind of food, so healthy and delicious! Mmmm!!! I love it:)