Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creamy White Bean Soup

When I feel like eating simple, no-frills food I like to turn to Gillian McKeith's cookbooks. Her recipes are very wholesome, basic and healthy yet full of flavor. I made the 'Creamy White Bean Soup' from the Slim for Life book. It's very simple: onions, garlic, leeks, parsley, coriander, veggie broth and white beans. I'll probably have a rocket salad with this for dinner.


Ingrid said...

Hi Kim,
This is my first time visiting your blog. I have to say your recipes look really yummy. I was a vegan about 3 years ago but it was difficult for me to maintain that diet because of lack of support from my husband. I had cancer in 05 and am always looking for ways to stay healthy and take care of my family while at the same time protecting our precious animals. My goal is to become a vegetarian and stick with it. Please feel free to visit my blog anytime.


kmouse said...

Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for reading! I understand how hard it can be to stick with a vegan diet if the ones you love around you are not. I'm the only vegan in my family and have recently inspired my cousin to go vegetarian which is wonderful to me.
The key for me is to make food that I love and enjoy which makes being vegan so much more enjoyable. Hopefully the ones around me are seeing how delicious and abundant a vegan diet can be. I hope you can do the same on your road to vegetarianism. Congratulations on staying healthy throughout your ordeal with cancer.
Be well,

Oraphan said...

That white bean soup looks so good and comforting! That sounds like a fantastic dinner, Kim!

I really love this simple recipe, can't wait to make this soup!

Oraphan said...

Just wanted to add to your comment to Ingrid that I'm your cousin who got really inspired after reading through your entire blog last year and decided to go vegetarian a couple days later. My husband and I respect each other for the choice of food we pick so I don't have any problem maintaining my vegetarian diet. I'm lucky that my family is not a pickey eater so they eat everything I cook for them. I know how it feels when you've inspired someone to go veggie. My sister, Nim who lives in Thailand just emailed me last night that she's been a vegetarian for 1 month since she started reading my blog. Oh! Yes, I feel so wonderful!!!

kmouse said...

P'Nim has gone veggie too! Yay! That's so great. It does feel wonderful to inspire people. :) xx Happy New Year! said...

That soup looks yummy, I got one of Gillian's books out of the library recently and there are loads of recipes I want to try.