Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dee Da Doo Day...

I'm bored. I know I should be getting to bed early (have to wake up at 6am for jury duty tomorrow!) but I don't feel sleepy. I've been going through old food pictures I took before I started this blog. Some of the yummy dishes I made I almost forgot about! I'd like to share them here with you.

This is Eggplant and Chickpea Kibbeh that I got from a book called "Vegan Planet". This was really good. It has bulgur, tomatoes, eggplant and chickpeas of course. I made a lemony garlic sauce to go with it along with roasted asparagus and boiled potatoes. i have to make this again soon.

Pineapple Tofu. So so awesome. I like to fry up tofu cubes after dipping them in cornstarch and then drowning them in a pineapple sauce. The recipe for the sauce is here.

Oven Herb Roasted Tomato Pasta. Now this looks very plain and almost boring but wow, does it taste good. The recipe is from "The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen".

How did I forget about these Grilled Yuca Tortillas??? Recipe is from Veganomicon. These are so gorgeous. It's mashed up yuca with lime, jalapenos and corn. I've made this a few times with fresh guacamole.

Cashew Coconut Curry Casserole. Wow, I remember this. It was soo rich and so delicious. Recipe is here. It's one of those throw in a baking dish and bake kind of recipes.

Szechuan Noodles. Easy and cheap and yummy. Recipe here.

Sexy Lowfat Vanilla Cupcakes from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World". This book rocks.

Ok now, off to bed. Good night!


nora said...

I have so many questions for you, but let me preface them all by saying, wow, you've been busy and everything looks great! First, where the **** do you find yuca? I've always wanted to make that recipe, but I'm at a loss. Second, I never knew that dipping in the cornstarch was the way to get that classic chinese restaurant texture of tofu. Is that the big secret? Third, is Vegan Planet a good enough cookbook that it's worth getting if I already own, geez, I donno, 15 vegan cookbooks? Thanks in advance!

Mary said...

Wow, that all looks so good, especially the Szechuan Noodles. Vegans eat so well!

kmouse said...

Hey there! I get yuca at a local grocery that sells lot of ethnic products (mostly latino and middle eastern stuff). They keep in their freezers. It's also called "cassava".
I learned the cornstarch thing from Vegan Dad!
Vegan Planet is great. I really like it. A lot of the recipes require ingredients most of us already have in our kitchens.

Oraphan said...

I love your "Dee Da Doo Day", everything looks wonderful!

Liz² said...

so much yummy!! I've bookmarked that pineapple sauce and now I'm really wondering why I haven't made the yuca tortillas yet!