Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VeganMoFo: Restaurant Review - M Cafe De Chaya

No food pics today as dinner last night was a burrito grabbed on the way to the Opeth show. (Black beans, rice and hot salsa, yum!) The concert was at the historic Wiltern Theatre in L.A. and it was such a good time. I think I got my hearing back!

Well since I can't talk much about dinner last night I will review a local cafe that just opened up nearby our place. M Cafe De Chaya has a new location in downtown Culver City. This area is becoming hipper by the day. I grew up in a neighborhood nearby Culver City and I remember it being a very quiet neighborhood with good rent. Not anymore! It's now a prime location and in the downtown area, a ton of restaurants are sprouting up everywhere.

Last weekend the husband and I went there for lunch before seeing a movie (The Pacific Theatres are across the street). We had been to the Melrose location once and had the Seitan Katsu which was really bad and rubbery *shiver*. That was really disappointing but I really wanted to like the place so we tried it again. We had been there two times since the rubbery seitan incident and last weekend was our third. If you're not familiar with M Cafe, they serve macrobiotic cuisine which consists of vegan dishes and some fish. They also have baked goods and fresh bread.

So this place is kind of expensive. Expect to spend around $10-12 on a sandwich with a side deli salad. Fries are extra. One time I got the Panino Provencal which is a sandwich filled with roasted vegetables and tofu cheese. I really liked it though I wish they would grill their panini a little longer as they can be a little on the cold side. I think the reason why is because they are premade and sitting in the refrigerated case ready to go. I found a pic of them online:

My husband is not a fan of this place. He says that everything he has tried (panino margarita and club sandwich) has been mediocre at best. He'd rather eat at Real Food Daily which he says has the best club sandwich on Earth. I personally would just go back to M Cafe for their deli salads. They've got quite a few to choose from and are made fresh. You can order a salad plate which is what I did last time. I ordered the tofu greek salad, the kale in spicy peanut sauce (to die for!) and the roasted vegetables in balsamic vinaigrette. I also got a chocolate chip cookie to go which was really good. I am always happy when I can find vegan baked goods anywhere!

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 (5 being the best)
Pros: Delicious salads, good service, good location, baked goods!
Cons: Sandwiches could be better, food is a little pricey

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