Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VeganMoFo: Moujadara Lunch & Dinner

I love lentils. I love rice. Put them together, you get lentils & rice or moujadara which is a healthy and favorite dish which occurs in many variations throughout the Middle East. This particular recipe is from a vegetarian Lebanese cookbook, 'From the Tables of Lebanon'. I've made this once before with split red lentils and it was a disaster so I tried again with brown lentils and it came out much better. I fiddled around with the proportions of water because I made less than what the recipe called for which is why it looks a little mushy. (Will do better next time!) I was also supposed to use fried red onions on top but I only had yellow onions. It didn't matter much as it was very yummy and went perfectly well with the mediterranean salad from yesterday. This was my lunch and will be my dinner again tonight.


JohnP said...

Moujadara is one of my favorite things, ever, ever, ever.

LeAnne said...

Guess what! I've NEVER had Lentils!!! I want to try this.