Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HB to Me.

It's my birthday and I am making my own birthday cakes! Just because I can't get a cake from the nearest bakery does not mean I can't enjoy birthday cake! I took it upon myself to make my own sweet treats to celebrate the 32nd year of my life. I really enjoyed making the mini loaf cakes last weekend so I made them again, two kinds: Vanilla and Raisin-Spice. To make the raisin spice I just added some raisins and some cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to the batter. I drizzled the vanilla with a plain vanilla glaze and colorful sprinkles and the raisin-spice with a dark rum flavored glaze.

Lookee here:

And my birthday lunch today? Veganomicon's Caeasar Salad! Sorry, I didn't make my own croutons like the recipe says. I was horribly lazy and subbed store bought croutons. Next time though, I promise! I also sprinkled a little Parmezano Sprinkles in it which was a nice touch. The dressing was creamy and garlicky and very very good. I have a giant jar of it in my fridge that will not go to waste.

Tonight the husband is making me dinner (yes!) and then later on in the evening I'll be tuning in to the season premiere of my new favorite show, 'Pushing Daisies'.


evestirs said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great night.

p.s. those cakes are adorable :)

kmouse said...

Thank you evestirs! :)

Anonymous said...

Happpppppy Birthday!!!

Your lil' b-day loaves are cute. Score on your man making you dinner ;)

JohnP said...

Happy Birthday!!

aTxVegn said...

Happy Birthday! Such adorable little cakes.