Saturday, October 11, 2008

VeganMoFo: Good Morning, What's For Breakfast?

I'm kind of sad that it's pretty much impossible for me to go out to a local coffee shop to have breakfast with my friends and family. When I'm surrounded by people eating their eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and waffles, I feel a little left out and disappointed with my plain coffee and bowl of fruit, or even worse oatmeal. There are only a handful of places in L.A. that offer vegan breakfasts and brunch like M Cafe de Chaya, The Vegan Joint, Real Food Daily and a few others. But most of these places are kind of expensive and it's hard to convince non-veggies to come along. So I rely on my mad breakfast making skills. I'd like to have a brunch one day where I invite all my friends to try vegan breakfast food. I think they would quickly realize that these foods are just as tasty as their non-vegan counterparts. This is what I'd feature at my brunch.

A delicious creamy frittata filled with potatoes, spinach and other veggies.

Along with the frittata, I'd offer smoky tempeh bacon and fluffy dairy free and egg free pancakes and OJ. Recipe for the pancakes is posted here.

More pancakes and tempeh bacon. Recipe for the bacon is here.

A healthier alternative to eggs. Scrambled tofu with a variety of veggies and whole grain toast. Here's a basic recipe where you can improvise and add as many veggies as you like.

Along with scrambled tofu, soy chorizo and potato hash are the perfect fillings for breakfast burritos!

I think I may have to organize a brunch very soon.


LeAnne said...

I've just gotten into eating breakfast on a regular basis and all of this looks perfect to me. Great job.

coldandsleepy said...

Oh my, I think I'm in love with your frittata.

And seriously, what an excellent set of brunch foods! Your friends would have to be purposefully trying not to like vegan breakfast to not find anything delicious there.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

Looks fantabulous!

Seitan Said Dance said...

Everything looks so good!

Do the brunch, you'll have so much fun. This past summer, I hosted vegan brunch picnics in the park for my omni friends on both Memorial and Labor Day. I spent Saturday and Sunday cooking and we all spent Monday eating. Great times were had by all.