Friday, September 26, 2008

Tonight was taco night!

I dig taco nights. It's always a quick thing. Stir fry some soy crumbles with taco seasoning, heat up some beans, chop some lettuce and heat up the taco shells and in less than 15-20 minutes, we've got tacos for dinner. We had store bought fresh guacamole and taco sauce to top them off. I served them with a Southwestern Pasta Salad that I prepared earlier today. It's a low fat recipe that I found in a book called 'Pasta and Vegetables: Low Fat Recipes That Work'. I found this book at a bargain book shop for $1! I can't wait to get more into it. It features a bunch of low fat recipes for delicious vegetarian pasta sauces and pasta dishes. Several recipes contain dairy but that can be easily remedied by using plain soymilk instead of milk or cream and vegan cheese or vegan parmesan. The authors claim that these recipes will help you lose weight. Awesome!

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