Monday, October 18, 2021

Tea times and food.

Delicious roasted cabbage and carrots with gojuchang from Meera Sodha’s EAST.

Tea time is all the time!



Beverlee said...

Oh! That floral cosy? Coronation blend? Burnt sugar notes? You’re bringing out the big guns! Any good books for company?

kmouse said...

Hi Beverlee!
The cosy is from Craftygrandmom on Etsy for under $7!
If you’re not following me on IG at @kmouse76, I post a ton of tea realated obsession. My book reading has been up and down during this pandemic but currently reading Mary Stewart This Rough Magic.

Beverlee said...

Sorry so late in responding. I’ll definitely check out your IG, thank you! I love the work on Etsy; such talented creative people and Etsy’s sentimental commercials always melt my heart.