Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cookie Time!

My dear friend Cam came over today to bake cookies and spend time together. I'm officially on maternity leave yay!

She made Anzac biscuits which are a delicious combination of oats, sugar, butter (earth balance) and coconut! She used 1/2 palm sugar, 1/2 regular sugar in this recipe.

My cookie contribution was a yummy double chocolate chunk cookie. Never made these before and I was pleased they turned out great. I added 1 tsp each of espresso powder and coffee flavoring to deepen the chocolate flavor.

First batch with a medium cookie scoop made large cookies. 


Beverlee said...

How is it that every time you make cookies, they are so perfectly-round picture perfect? Like every time? And how is it that every time I say "Damn, I never knew such a flavor existed?" Got me scratching my head.....

kmouse said...

Beverlee, I use a cookie scoop! They are the best and you get round cookies every time.