Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pizza and gingerbread.

Picked this up on sale. 

It was ok. Loved the cheese but I'm not a fan of the gluten free crust. Wish they made them with regular crust.

First time trying this. Used 3 TB chickpea water for 1 egg. 

Didn't rise much at all but very moist. Taste wise, I thought it was too over the top with the ginger, a little too strong and almost bitter? I like gingerbread a little more subtle than this.

Got the ornaments out to decorate the tree.

Newest addition.

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vegan peace said...

I agree about the gluten free crust. It has a weird texture and it just isn't my fave. I wish they offered gluten free and gluten full crusts. I tried the daiya cheese lovers and it was way too much daiya and with the gluten free crust was just no. I love your new decoration it's so sweet! Happy holidays!