Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Crimble Food 2016.

Got my hands on one of these! I knew I wanted to make it for Christmas Eve dinner with our friends.

Sliced up beautifully. It was delicious!

Christmas Eve dinner with our friends who made Delia Smith's Yorkshire puds, vegan style. Recipe below. Replace egg with ener-g egg replacer and beef fat with  oil.

Holiday baking with my dear friend Hope. Chloe Coscarelli's lemon olive oil cupcakes with coconut glaze and toasted coconut. A++++!!!!

Isa's Gingerbread cupcakes with lemon buttercream. Mmmmm!

Christmas morning, I woke early to make Crack cookies. They have oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips and grated dark chocolate. Addictive! (Hence "Crack" Cookies!)

Vegan Brunch's Broccoli quiche with zucchini.

Vegan Brunch's sausage pastry puffs using Field Roast Italian sausage instead of tempeh.

Happy Christmas!

"Crack" Cookies, Vegan Style

In a small bowl stir together:
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups quick oatmeal

In a larger bowl cream together:
1/2 cup margarine (Earth Balance), softened
1/2 cup shortening, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 tsp vanilla

Then add 1/2 cup of unsweetened apple sauce and stir.

Add in the flour mixture little by little and stir as you go to incorporate all ingredients.
Add 12 oz. chocolate chips
Add 1 cup shredded coconut
Add 1/4 of a bar of grated chocolate (I used 70% dark). Grate the chocolate right into the bowl. (EDIT: USE A FULL BAR OF CHOCOLATE! IT WILL TASTE BETTER!)
Stir together all ingredients and drop by the Tablespoon onto parchment papered cookie sheets. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 F or until golden brown. Remove cookie sheet from oven and slap it down on the counter. This will flatten cookie a bit. Let stand for a few minutes and then transfer to cooling rack.

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Beverlee said...

It all looks delicious! I never knew what British pudding was - Yorkshire, figgie or otherwise so thank you for that pic and recipe for reference. I feel smarter now ;). Hope that sweet pup got something good off that table, maybe the puff pastry with field sausage?