Sunday, December 11, 2016

Current Breakfast Of Choice and Baby Mouse stuff...

Love a bowl of Weetabix (2 bars) crumbled with vanilla soymilk and bananas. I've been trying to drink more soymilk because the protein content is so high per cup. I believe it's around 7 grams.

I'm 30 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I can't believe it's going so fast and how well I'm doing. I never had morning sickness during the first trimester, only a llittle queasiness here and there but I did not throw up once! Second trimester was a breeze and now in the third it still feels great. The baby is head down now and moves a lot. Had a doctor visit on Friday and he's 3 lbs. and 7 oz. As far as my weight goes I'm doing good. I've gained a total of 11 lbs. so far which my doc is happy with. So I have about 10 weeks to go! 

Ultrasound pics are a bit creepy I know, but here's our little boy's face. He's got big eyes like his dad and long legs (doc measured his long thigh bone) and chubby cheeks.

This pic you can see his eye half open. He even smiled but we didn't get s pic of that. Pretty amazing huh?


Beverlee said...

So amazing! Technology is mind-blowing. So glad he's healthy :)

vegan peace said...

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going so well! He's almost here!!!!