Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vegan Makeup Birthday Haul Part 1

I placed a few orders with several makeup companies recently as a late bday gift to myself. Today I had time to swatch my Brija Cosmetics and Tater Rounds Beauty eyeshadows.

Brija order: I Don't Age (rose gold), Hot Chocolate (warm brown), Take A Selfie (grey brown taupe), Page 394 (charcoal grey with blue tinge), Boo! (Free gift. Light sparkly grey blue).

Swatches in order as above. So beautiful! I especially love HotChocolate and I Don't Age.  Taken in front of window.

Indirect light.

These cuties are from Tater Rounds Beauty. 

Cranberry Sauce (cranberry metallic red), Roasted Chestnuts (brown taupe with gold), Storm Cloud (grey brown matte taupe).

In front of window.

Indirect light. The red is not very metallic as it was described, but still pretty. The grey brown taupe leans very grey. It even has a purple tinge to it. Tater Rounds Beaty

All in all very happy with my orders. Next up, Shiro Cosmetics and Silk Naturals!

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