Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vegan Makeup Birthday Haul Part 2.

As promised, here are some gorgeous swatches of my other 2 orders from Silk Naturals and Shiro Cosmetics.

Silk Naturals! All on top of Milani eye primer L to R: Rendezvous (matte dark plum), Semi-Sweet (chocolate brown with pink interference shimmer), Boost (Deep peach with gold interference shimmer), Double Tap (free gift. Peachy champagne), Grainy (warm golden taupe tan). I forgot to swatch Mysterious!

Afterglow blush which is a dupe for Nars Orgasm, a peachy pink shimmering sheer blush. So good for tan skin tones.

A small order from my fave Shiro Cosmetics!

From L to R: Molag Bal (matte rose brown with subtle white sparks), Baker's Boy (light shimmery golden brown), Mockingjay (metallic brown-copper bronze), Star-Crossed (blackened coppery brown), Play Red Rover With the Fence (deep opaque plum with bright violet sparks).

Outdoor light.

I'm in love with them all!!! Beautiful choices and quality products. Go Cruelty Free today!
Silk Naturals make gorgeous dupes of MAC, Urban Decay, Nars and more!

Shiro is just a unique brand that I'm forever faithful to.

Edited to add: I forgot to swatch two Shiro shadow that I got. One is Don't Hurt Me and the other is Too Big To Be Allowed. 

Don't Hurt Me on top is a gorgeous "smokey, blackened plum-copper with a soft rose overlay" and Too Big To Be Allowed is an earthy brown with pink sparkles. I used a bit of elf glitter primer underneath to bring out the pink sparks.

A natural look I did this morning. Silk Naturals Boost on eyelids with a little Semi-sweet blended into socket. Afterglow blush. Also used Shiro Cosmetics lipgloss in Nick Cage Niblling Petit Fours in a Posh Victorian Tearoom. Depending on primer and application the shadows can look soft and subtle like today or more dramatic like in the swatches which are heavy on the pigment.

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