Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend food.

Meatloaf sandwich again, this time with homemade potato salad on the side. It's the "retro" potato salad recipe from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.

I made a delicious batch of "potato cheese" that I wanted to make mac n cheese with. Mine has potatoes, onions, a couple of carrots, cashews, garlic, herbs, white miso, salt, pepper and tamari.

It was absolutely perfect with macaroni pasta. So creamy.

I like salty things so I added a little Hawaiian lava finishing salt on top. Even more delicious! I get my salt from Salty Wahine here.


vegan peace said...

Drooling as usual. That looks like the recipe from buzzfeed from awhile ago? I really like it for mac and cheese too!

Beverlee said...

Can you link the recipe to that cheese? Looks delicious!
Have you ever tried smoked salt? Artisan Salt Co. has a smoked salt that I use on practically everything - it takes food to a completely different level.

kmouse said...

I adapted this recipe :
Thanks for the salt recommendation!

Beverlee said...

Thank you! Love your blog :)