Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vegan Cosmetics Review: Shiro Cosmetics Part 2

I wanted to show you my second order from Shiro Cosmetics because it is different from the last one which was full of rainbow-y colors. This time I was drawn to pretty browns, oranges and taupes. Great for creating earthy natural looks with a bit of sparkle!

All these loose eyeshadow samples in bags were $1 each. Lots of browns, taupes, greys, oranges... You get plenty of product to last many many uses. The thing about mineral makeup is that a little goes a long way!

This was the Color of the Month: The End is Nye featuring Bill Nye The Science Guy. And gold lipgloss inspired by the potion Felix Felicis in Harry Potter.

Swatches! I used two primers: Milani eyeshadow primer on top half and Elf Glitter Glue on bottom half. Not sure if you can tell the subtle differences. From left to right: He Who Must Not Be Named, Salt and Stone, Ganondorf, The Boy Who Lived, Gift of Mercy. Taken in direct light. Just beautiful.

Same colors as above taken in indirect light. I am in love with these colors.

From left to right: No Men Like Me, Hodor, Hypothesis, Hermaeus Mora, My Mind's Telling Me No, Burnt Flowers Fallen, That's Chess! Take in direct light. I didn't take one in indirect light and I regret that because they are very shiny in direct light.

Some closeups from top to bottom: That's Chess!, Burnt Flowers Fallen, My Mind's Telling Me No.

Left to Right: No Men Like Me, Hodor, Hypothesis, Hermaeus Mora.

From Left to Right: Mother of Dragons, Girl on Fire, I Loved a Maid, Wizard Wheezes.

The End is Nye. This is very beautiful.

The End is Nye and the lipgloss, Felix Felicis. Just gorgeous.

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Heather Luka said...

Great swatches!! I need the Bill Nye one! ;)