Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Foods 2015!

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I'm just going to dump all my food pics. I am so full and fat from it all! Love!

My husband and I had dinner on xmas eve at our friend's place. Every year they have made a vegan friendly dinner for us. This year vegan Yorkshire puddings were a first!

Delia Smith recipe using soymilk, ener-g egg replacer and oil instead of animal products. They were heavenly!

All together now. My plate. I made the tofurky roast and orange herb gravy.

My friend Hope is a non-vegan vegan baker! She's amazing. Everything just comes out perfect.

These are Fran Costigan's Chocolate Tortes TO LIVE FOR. They really are.

Apple Cider cupcakes from VCTOTW.

Every year we make these Espresso Oatmeal Chip cookies from VCIYCJ.

I got a genius brainwave the next day. Leftover ganache and coconut milk with a little agave made delicious hot chocolate!

Sprinkled with some cinnamon.

Christmas day with my folks and brother. I made breakfast. Vegan Brunch's pastry puffs using Field Roast sausage instead of tempeh. Amazing everytime.

Broccoli quiche from Vegan Brunch. Can't go wrong.

Diner home fries from Vegan Brunch.

Leftover quiche and Bubble and Squeak made from leftover home fries and cabbage for Boxing Day breakfast! Mmmmm!


vegan peace said...

Those tortes! Stunning is really the only word i can come up with. Looks like some amazing food was had!

Amey said...

oh good lord. It all looks SO GOOD. I just want to climb inside the computer screen and eat it all up!! This year my family did an Italian Christmas, which was really fun, but also means I still have a little pent-up need for some savory winter foods! said...

Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing feast! Your friends cakes came out perfectly and how awesome that they made vegan Yorkshire puddings!!