Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Eating vegan in England (London, Bath and Liverpool).

Hey all! Just got back from a mad 1 week trip to England. I was super busy running around seeing the sights that food was really the last thing on my mind! Weird! I'm usually eating all the time. Didn't have any issues finding vegan grub. Here's a quick run down of what I ate.

Pizza Express on Charlotte St. in Fitzrovia, London. They have a great pizza called Pianta pizza that has: Spinach, chestnut mushroom, pine kernels and artichoke on a spicy Arrabbiata base finished with rocket and extra virgin olive oil. No cheese. I asked them to make it "Romana" style which is a thinner crust. It was perfect.

The Coach and Horses on Greek Street in Soho, London. A vegetarian/vegan pub!

Tofu fish n chips!

This was my mom's burger. It's normally vegan but she got it with cheese.

A REALLY GOOD falafel wrap from Falafel Time at Camden Lock Market.

Crazy delicious passion fruit cheeze cake at Inspiral Cafe on Camden High St.

Melissa's patisserie had wonderful vegan pretzels. I tried the cinnamon pretzel and it was heaven in my mouth!

A couple of grocery runs when we didn't have time or energy to eat out. Some vegan items from Planet Organic on Torrington in Bloomsbury and the Sainsbury's Local at Euston. (The non-vegan items were for mom.)

Delicious thai food at Salathai in Bath. I asked them to make the red curry vegan by omitting fish sauce.

Delicious vegan carrot cake from Guildhall Markets in Bath.

Yummy samosa and potato dosa at the food stalls at Borough Market in Southwark.

What a treat! Kanom krok (thai coconut pancakes) at the "Kanom Krok" stall at Borough Market.

Went up north to Liverpool and had breakfast at Brasco Lounge at Pier Head. Vegan breakfast was just right.

Nando's at Queen's Square is known for chicken but they have several vegan options. I love the people in Liverpool. The owner/manager was super nice and chatted with us several times when we dined there. The guy at the register who was helping me out went out of his way to make sure what I ordered would be vegan. So nice!

This is their soya tomato burger. Ask for it with HOT sauce and no mayo. It's really good!
Here's an article about vegan options at Nando's: http://metro.co.uk/2016/03/24/yep-vegans-can-eat-at-nandos-heres-what-to-order-5773006/

Got a ready made hummus and roasted veg sandwich from a little bakery/cafe on Thurloe St. in South Kensington.

This was yummy!

Last night in London we ate at Chinatown at Canton Restaurant. Fried aubergine in garlic sauce and fried chinese broccoli. Asked for them without oyster sauce. My mom had chicken. I was glad that they could make my dishes vegan. They were very tasty.

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