Saturday, April 4, 2015

Puy Lentil Coconut Dahl & Banana Cake.

Beautiful dahl recipe from The Happy Pear cookbook. I'm so in love with their food! I had to substitute a few things because I didn't have them. I used a garnet yam instead of butternut and kabocha squash. I know the squash would have been amazing. Didn't have pak choi so I used baby spinach.

I had some with a bit of white rice. Very very good. The coconut milk is what makes this dish. It is very similar to Thai Masaman curry. Just gorgeous flavors.

Vegan banana cake. Nothing healthy about this! It'll be good with a cup o' tea.


Beth Sutton said...

These look so good! Definitely going to try them :)

Amey said...

The curry and the cake both look great. I hadn't heard of The Happy Pear ~ I just looked it up though and it sounds great. I put their cookbook on my wishlist. Is the cake from their book too? It looks so nice. I love banana-flavor things.